Why should I join Talent Factory?

Join us in order to make sure your dreams come true and you have a successful career in the Fashion & Entertainment Industry. The most important thing is getting the right platform and proper guidance. Talent Factory is the first of its kind in India that not only mentors, grooms and provides required training to the upcoming, experienced models and anchors but also provides them immense opportunities so that they turn out to be successful.

Is it just a training Institute or Is there any business assistance that one receives after joining Talent Factory?

Talent factory is more than a training institute. Not only will you get opportunity to participate in top assignments and shows in India and abroad but you will  also receive required training and next level grooming and mentorship by one of the most experienced professionals in the industry to make sure you come out as a winner in each event you participate in and move to next level to face new challenges and come out as a winner there as well.

After I join Talent Factory, Can I get help for Femina Miss India and Miss Diva?

Talent Factory has an experienced team of mentors who groom the models and make them ready for paegents of national and international level.

I’m model / actor and I’m doing good. Now, I’m seeking a person who can manage big assignments for me. Can Talent factory provide such services?

We provide personal managers to all the established models to manage their big assignments. In fact it is compulsory for an established model to take a personal manager.

I’m doing ramp shows, but I’m looking for TV commercials, TV soap and good print, Can I get help from talent factory ?

Talent Factory provides you enough opportunities and assignments. We will insure that get assignments and projects as per your interest & caliber .

There are so many agencies out there, I am so confused! Is Talent Factory like other agencies?

Talent Factory is the first of its kind professional organisation in India that not only mentors, grooms and provides required training to the upcoming, experienced models and anchors but also provides them immense opportunities so that they turn out to be success stories. Talent factory is absolutely unique. With us you start as ordinary and turn out to be a star. Yes we manufacture success stories. After you join Talent Factory, you not only get complete blue print of your future career path but with proper guidance and mentorship, we at Talent Factory make sure you are ready to face the next challenge in your career and your career a success.

I want to pursue modeling, however my parents are concerned about my safety . Will I get clean work from talent factory?

Talent Factory is proud to be a professional organisation which believes in merit. We value your talent and respect you for what you are. You can be assured that assignments and projects offered by Talent Factory are completely transparent, clean, safe & merit based.

What is the payments scheme of the Factory?

We value your talent & hardwork. We believe in mutual respect and growth. We are proud of your association with us and your role in making Talent factory a great organisation. We not only ensure that all are models, Anchors & Partners are paid well but also make sure that they are paid on time. We are in fact recognized as “Pay masters in the Industry”.

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What started as a talent and celebrity management company soon became one of the leaders in Fashion, Lifestyle & Entertainment Industry. Talent Factory provides the complete set of services right from conceptualisation of brand communication strategy - helping fashion & lifestyle companies both in premium & luxury segment with innovative marketing solutions, planning and execution of large & small-scale events.

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